Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Thanks

Anyone suffering from the After-Thanksgiving-Blues? The day after an extended break when it is back to getting up early, getting everyone off, and nose to the grindstone? Not nearly as bad as the After Christmas Blues (after all, we still have Christmas to look forward to!) but still, missing being around all the family and having no where to go. You may have seen my previous post about a dear friend who passed away unexpectedly and it is making me more reflective and somber than usual at this time of year. It has made me very grateful for many things, most of all that I am still here. I spent a lot of time thinking about that this Thanksgiving weekend, and I hope I can be better about making the most of the days I have left. Since I was away from my abode this Thanksgiving, I did not do a lot of decorating for it since I would not be entertaining anyone. We held Thanksgiving dinner at my sister Lacey's home. She did a wonderful job of making it festive! Hope everyone had a wonderful and thank full Thanksgiving!
 Fall colors at the park where we held our Turkey Bowl
 Action shot during the Turkey Bowl
The gang's all here! All 29 of us!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Remembering Haley Jo: Memorial Service in NJ, Funeral in Tri-Cities

A dear high school friend of mine suffered cardiac arrest and passed away on Monday evening, leaving behind her husband and five children, ages 14-1. She was just 36 years old. Please pray for her family as they struggle to move forward. If you have connections to Haley Jo or her family, please click the link below to get more information about the memorial services to be held in her honor. I love you Haley, I cannot believe you are gone.

Remembering Haley Jo: Memorial Service in NJ, Funeral in Tri-Cities: Here is the information for the Memorial Service and Funeral. Of course everyone is welcome to attend both, but if attending only one of th...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thank You!

The first ever Amy & Amber Design Basement Boutique has come and gone. It was a smashing success and we want to say thank you!  To our friends and customers who came, thank you sincerely for taking the time out of your busy days to make your way to our basement boutique. For those of you who came later in the day (and by 'later' we mean 11:00am or later) we apologize. We had no idea there would be such a rush at the beginning of the day that would leave us wiped out! We are excited to do it again and are planning another basement boutique for late February or March. It will depend on how fast we can restock! Again, we are so grateful for the support and are glad you seemed to have as much fun shopping as we had putting it together. I took pictures the morning of the boutique and I thought it would be fun to see some 'before' and 'after' pictures.
The sliding door, portal to the Amy and Amber Basement Boutique!
Our awesome customers looking for treasures.

After Pictures
 Can you believe it! We can't! We are still pinching ourselves that all of our hard work and effort seemed appreciated by you all and we definitely appreciate you! Thanks again! Look forward to seeing everyone again in early spring!
(BTW, the tall dresser is sold too, just hasn't been picked up yet.)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Count Down...Less Than 48 Hours!

It's almost here! The Basement Boutique is this Saturday, from 10:00am-8:00pm. I suggest coming early! Many of our items are one of a kind and when they are gone, they are GONE! Some more pictures to give you a taste of what will be available! (How many exclamation marks can I use in one post, can you tell we are excited! Oh, there's another one...)

Monday, November 14, 2011

More Amy and Amber Design

I feel like one of Santa's elves...hammering, sanding, painting, staining. Sorry I posted so little last week, just been busy in my workshop! The Basement Boutique is starting to come together and Amy and I are getting so excited for Saturday! Remember, the Basement Boutique will run from 10:00am to 8:00pm THIS SATURDAY (November 19th) ONLY! Keep checking back this week for more pictures!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Love the ampersand sign. It is such a hopeful sign. And...Like there is always more to come, more to look forward to, more to accomplish. Plus it is crazy hot in the design world right now. The official meaning:
The word ampersand is a conflation of the phrase "and per se and", meaning "and [the symbol which] by itself [is] and".[1] The Scots and Scottish English name for "&" is epershand, derived from "et per se and", with the same meaning.
 Boring...I like mine better. I am in the middle of creating what will become our 'basement boutique' so posts this week will be short and sweet. Sweet because they will be sneak peeks of what will be available on the 19th when you come visit! You are coming, right?  
Below is today's sneak peek.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Somehow I seem to have an overstock of lamps. I kept finding really cute lamps that I just had to have but the lamps they were replacing were in perfectly good shape so I just kept putting them in the basement figuring I would do something with them eventually, (yep, I really need to take that word out of my vocabulary).
So the other day I was playing around with French typography. I love it, but am never quite sure what to do with it. Found two I really liked on The Graphics Fairy website.
I thought about printing it out on some cool parchment paper or vellum...then I thought of those lamps! Went down to my basement and went shopping. I picked this one (didn't cost me a cent...he, he):
Cut the typography out in vinyl and pulled the letters out to create a negative image and stuck it to the shade.
Then I painted over the top using Ceramcoat #02436 Charcoal.
I let it dry overnight just to be sure. Then I pulled off the vinyl.
All lit up! (Sneak peek alert! This lamp will be available for purchase at the Amy & Amber Design basement boutique on November 19th. Click here for details..)