Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Monday, January 23, 2017

My Steals from Decor Steals

  I found a great website called Decor Steals.
I've been selfish not sharing with you.
Their model is a 'deal of the day' type site.
They offer up one product a day and when it is gone, it's gone!
So, in reality the less people that know about it the better.
 But that wasn't nice of me...

So, today I am sharing... posts a new deal every day at 10:00am Eastern Time
Hope you have as much fun as I do.
Although it can be quite dangerous to the pocketbook.
 Oh, see, I WAS being kind.
I was concerned about your pocketbook.
Whew, I thought I'd done something wrong for a minute.
From Decor Steals:
Pic One: Farmer's Market Sign
Pic Two: Text Pillow
Pic Three: Postes Pillow and Bicycle Wall Art
Pic Four: Wire Basket Set
Pic Five: Wire and glass hanging vases
Pic Six: Rosemary and Tyne hanging boxes

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