Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Monday, November 28, 2016

Dining Room Update

One of the first rooms we updated was the formal dining room.
This is how it looked when we walked through:
And, with just a few changes, this is how it looks now:
Formal dining rooms really are in many ways a waste of space these days.
But I'm secretly tickled to have somewhere to display the farm table I made.

It was amazing the difference a few simple changes made.
I simply took the shades off of the light fixture and wall sconces.
And light, airy curtains change the whole feel of the room.
That was it, not even new paint!
It was great to have one room done so easily!
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Kelly said...

Amber, you are a magician! Amazing transformation! Looks like it's right out of House Beautiful.

Amy said...

I love it!