Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Monday, January 18, 2016

Warm Winter Wishes

I had to title this post Warm Winter Wishes cause I missed Christmas entirely.
I didn't miss it, miss it...

We actually had an amazing Christmas in the snow at my parent's cabin in the woods.

But I missed it here on the blog.

And as busy as life has gotten,

and 2015 was a banner year for that...
I still want to make sure I  document our Christmas House.
It is one way I mark time.
How much our place changes,
or doesn't

over time.
There is power in place,

in a place where family gathers
where memories are made
where time is marked
and where the month of December is spent
surrounded by lights,
and colors, 
 and smells
 and people
 and music.
 Where December
 is wrapped in Christmas.
In every room
 in every moment
in every memory.
Merry Christmas 2015.
A little bit late.
But seriously, if you saw my life leading up to December,
 you would give me a banner just for putting up the decorations.

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