Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Monday, April 21, 2014

...Now We Have Everything-New Item in My Etsy Shop

 Some of my projects are not my own ideas...I know, shocking.
 This one was created off a request from someone who visited my etsy shop. 
I love the message.
How you built your family.
 So I made one for us...
 Which had to replace the 'chevron grateful' piece on my newly arranged living room wall
 Because someone purchased this one right off my wall!
Get your own personalized' First We Had Each Other' piece HERE!


Dominic Terry said...

They should be ripping that off the wall, because those look enticing in there, with the lighting and tone of color and all that stuff. I personally like the newsprint kind of texture in all of those pieces. Those should be a great buy for many, if they haven't been already. All the best to you!

Dominic Terry @ Mobile Marketing Allies

Herman Thompson said...

Nice! I love the quiet madness in all those decorations, and how they meld together in terms of hue, shape and appropriation of space. Perfectly fine all around. I hope you've still got those on stock and sufficiently checked and listed for further demands and sale. All the best!

Herman Thompson @ AccountAbility Plus