Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Laundry Room

 Faith, family, friends, laundry...some things have no end.
I thought this was a cute saying...over five years ago, when we first moved into our home.
I also had some fun daisies 'growing' out of the counter, but forgot to take the pic before they were removed.
It was ALL I had done to our laundry room in over 5 years. Time to fix that.
 My laundry room is a throughway to the garage, so pretty narrow and this large wall needs to be used for more than just holding up some vinyl.

When I first envisioned this change, I thought for sure I would white-wash planking for this wall. You all know how I feel about white paint. I love it in all it's forms, but especially as white-wash. The planking experience was a harrowing one (much like my planking experience in the gym). I wanted something thin and lightweight. I found some great pine paneling at Home Depot and had them rip it for me into 6 inch strips. When I got it home and started chopping it up to put on the wall, I saw it was all different widths, even on the same strip. Back to Home Depot I went. I may or may not have asked the clerk who told me they could not guarantee me straight rips on their saws, how this was possible when we have put a man on the moon?? How can we do that and not rip straight? Just sayin'...
But, I digress. We had a very helpful employee take us back to the wood isles to help us find something that might work. We landed on Ironply. Iron what? Ironman? No...I-r-o-n-p-l-y. I had never heard of it either but it is apparently laid underneath vinyl flooring to give it a smooth, flat surface. They ripped it for us but let us know this time we would need to do touch up ripping at home on our table saw to make sure they were all the same size. Using liquid nails, and pennies for spacers, my husband actually ended up finishing the project. Our unplanned trip back to Home Depot had cost me the morning and I had a youth retreat I had to attend. Darn, I just hate it when I have to walk away from a project and come back to a finished project...
At this point, I still planned to white wash it, but my dear husband pointed out that if I did that it would blend in too much to the walls around it and then I would need to paint the whole rest of the room. This was something I was not willing to do. I had promised my husband when we moved in I would not paint any of the professionally painted walls. This has meant several rooms are not the colors I want, but I have worked around it, I've kept my promise. I still felt it needed some personality though, so I bought flat headed nails and nailed them in like an old barn, just for a touch of something...was going to say bling but 'barn' and 'bling' don't sound right in the same sentence.
Bought four of these pine risers and 2-1x8 foot pine boards for my shelves. I spray painted them black and then, you guessed it, white-washed them. You know I had to get it in there somewhere!
 Baskets, and other accessories make the shelves functional.
Four vintage laundry room prints from Amazon for under $6 total (including shipping) and wait...
yes, white-washed frames complete the wall.
 Not what I had originally planned, but I think I like the color palette even better than I would have with white-wash.
 And with the frames and shelving, I snuck in a bit anyway.


Jennifer Schmitz said...

your plank walls look great! ...and I am envious that your HD ripped your boards. they will not do it here at our local stores. :(

Kelly said...

Well done! You made your laundry room such a happy place--I need to do that!

And, I think I need you to come along as my muscle on my next trip to Home Depot. :)

pineplace said...

Thanks Jennifer and Kelly!
Kelly, I would love to be your heavy :-) Just let me know!

AlexisTexas said...

lovelovelovelovelove. I love the addition of a few details since I saw the incredible installation! Great work friend!