Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Blocks

Easter is coming up this weekend! I wanted to share a little project I did a couple weeks ago. 

First, I went 'junkin' with some girlfriends. Others call it 'antique shopping' but we found some great shops down in Centralia Washington that offer their fares up for a fairly decent price, we think because they know that it really is junk in most cases... and we respect them for their honesty! My favorite find was an old berry box.
It cost me just $8!

When I got it home, I put on its Easter dress.

I used a little wreath I already had, added some pink tulle and flanked it with my {pineplace} spring blocks. 

 They are just $3.00 each plus shipping if you would like to purchase some. If you have questions email me at 
Color combos are: {green/tan lettering} {pink/white lettering} {tan/purple lettering}. Word choices are: {easter, spring, bloom}

Spring Blocks

So I Told You I Would Show You What I Did To My Furniture...

I don't remember picking up the sander or how it got in my hand. I think I was in one of those dazes where I was walking around the house, picking up dirty socks, half eaten bowls of mac and cheese and thinking about everything I needed to do but somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain I had decided to take a sander to my bedroom set without actually realizing I had formed the thought. When I came to I was walking towards my bedroom...with an electric sander out of the garage in my hand.
Our master bedroom set is the first and only complete bedroom set we have ever purchased in 18 years of marriage. It was a big step for us and after 5 years and several bedding changes, I still truly love this set. I guess I just needed a little change...

Nothing too drastic...
Just a little something different...
Something subtle...lucky for me the hubby liked it to and I did not have to have a 'well, it seemed like a good idea at the time' moment.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Meeting Mindy Gledhill

Thursday night I got to meet Mindy Gledhill. I was first introduced to Mindy's music when we used her song Whole Wide World for our theme for the Sassy Mei Academy.       
{If you have not registered for it you are missing out!}
Mindy was  here touring in the Pacific Northwest and my good friend had a home concert for Mindy just a half mile from my home.  I got to spend time helping this amazing musician set up and decorate for the concert. She is as down to earth as can be but with an incredible spirit. I got to share the evening sitting with my 16 year old daughter with a big ol' lump in my throat knowing I was having one of those moments that doesn't land in your lap everyday. If you have not heard Mindy Gledhill please check out her album Anchor. My favorite song {although I love them all} is Whole Wide World Official Music Video

 My friend Amy, Mindy Gledhill and myself...Amy posted all week about having Mindy in her home. Check out her blog to get a full report: Amy's Blog