Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Eight Year Old Architect

My son wants to be an architect when he grows up. I have enjoyed the challenge of incorporating this theme into his bedroom that I had already started doing with a rustic, ol' time feel. During a recent 'junking' trip I found some cool old stuff to add, and even a few 'architect' items like old rulers and clipboard.

I also had him draw a 'blueprint' of his dream home (lower right corner), because I love nothing more than adding parts of my childrens' souls to their room decor (pictures of themselves, or pictures that they have taken are my favorite).  
I already had the old, glassless window frame from a previous junking trip with my sisters during Christmastime. I hung it vertically and knocked out one of the dividers to give it this cool shape.  The circle things are actually old Kodak film canisters, I hot glued them to the wall to keep them from twisting.
I am, however, most proud of the dresser. I had looked everywhere for a long, old dresser and had given up. I had gone to a new furniture store and purchased a dresser I was less than thrilled with, even with my visions to distress it and beat it up. I walked into The Painted Lady Vintage shop on North Tower Avenue in Centralia and this dresser was the first thing I saw. The good news, it cost less than the new dresser (which I was able to cancel before it was even delivered at no charge), I was able to talk the owner down even more and got it for $150, and I did not have to do anything to it. That is the cool thing about old stuff, it really is...old. The bad news...all four kids had to sit in the middle seat of the Suburban all the way home. I know you are feeling my pain right now, don't worry, it was worth it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

And the Winner Is...Actually The Winners Are

The winners of the $10 off a Personalized Subway Sign are:

Yvonne Lawrence

Michaelynn Richardson

Creating with Jenafor (blog comment)

Congrats ladies!

Please email me the 16 words and one date (optional) you would like on your Subway Sign and I will be happy to get it done for you! Let me know what color you want the lettering and what color you would like the background. 
Thanks to all those who left comments and liked the Pineplace page on Facebook. If you did not win and would still like to order a subway sign I am offering 10% off to anyone who entered the drawing and would like to order one within the next 10 days. Just shoot me an email at and mention the 10% off deal.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


The sun is shining today, making me feel all 'summer'ie. Tho' I am under no illusions that summer is anywhere close to being here in the Pacific Northwest. Oh, no, we are several weeks (and hopefully, not months!) away from summer here. It will be raining until, if not past, the 4th of July...
Wait, where was I, I was saying, the sun shining today made me feel 'summer'ie and getting the itch to lighten things up. Made me start thinking about some of my favorite decorating fabrics...

Ticking, burlap, muslin and duck cloth. 

They feel so light and airy...kinda, well  'summer'ie! Some might call these bland, blah, even yuck! When I was purchasing some burlap recently the salesperson asked me what I wanted that 'scratchy stuff' for. But I love them, all of them. I love the simplicity, the understatement, the feeling of simpler times gone by. I use them for everything: covering pillows, table clothes, book covers, wreaths, even Christmas decorations and packaging. Do yourself a favor, next time you find yourself at the craft or fabric store, pick up a few yards of these simple fabrics. You will feel like you took a deep breath.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Personalized Subway Signs

Subway signs are all the rage in home decor so I thought wouldn't it be fun to have one all about your family and the words, places and dates that mean something special to your family?! I started creating these around Christmastime and they have quickly become my best seller.
I recently made this one for my sister...

and some for other folks...

of course, have to have some seasonal ones to shake up the decor every once in a while...

Keep watching for my 4th of July edition!
If you would like your own personalized subway sign, purchase one below.

Leave a comment to throw your name in the hat for $10 off a subway sign of your choice! Drawing will be May 23rd. We will draw three winners!

List up to 16 words for sign

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Opened My Etsy Store Today

Someone said to try what the heck...I opened an Etsy store today. Right now I just have my personalized subway boards up for sale. Will add more soon. Check it out:

Visit My Etsy Store

I attended my Grandma's funeral this week. Grandma's are special, they love you so unconditionally and you can do no wrong in their eyes. It is sad for me that the last of my grandparents is gone. No one left in the world who thinks I can do no wrong. 
Grandma McDowell Balcom

She also taught me to live life tenaciously, this is a little baby step, but this one's for you Grandma. Live life with fewer regrets, one fewer...'I wonder what would have happened if I had'...
Love you Grandma.