Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

'Famous' Birthday Lunch

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! My birthday usually falls around this holiday weekend and this year it was on Labor Day (yes, we tell lots of jokes about my mother having a 'real' labor day...ha, ha, ha). I spent this Labor Day on a different type of labor, a labor of love. I was working construction with several family members helping my parents who are building a cabin in the mountains, and I mean building, like swinging hammers, not hiring subcontractors...yep, that kind of building. The girls in the crew were able to take a little break though and sneak away to celebrate with a birthday lunch. We ended up here:
 Look familiar? If you watched TV in the early 90's it should. Check out the very last frame of this trailer:

Me, Mom, Niece, Madi, Kristin, Kelsey, nephew
The Roslyn Cafe was the backdrop for Cicely, Alaska...the fictional city in the popular television show Northern Exposure. The cafe really exists and has great burgers! It was the perfect quick get away for my birthday lunch and 'famous' to boot, thanks Mom and girls! (Don't judge our appearances too harshly, it was hot and we had been working in the dirt, using saws and sanders earlier in the day!)


Shelly said...

Soooo jealous!! Wish I was there and not here unpacking :)

Amy said...

My high school boyfriend worked as a cook there. I remember walking in Roslyn and at different times seeing Rob Morrow, the grumpy older guy, and a few others. They paid Keno to use his jeep for a day as well during filming. I had friends who were extras as well. I remember them hauling in dump trucks with snow one year because Cicely Alaska had no snow one winter!! I haven't eaten there forever, but I used to go visit the boyfriend about once a week and he'd cook me up something yummy. I hope you had a great birthday! Oh, and next time you go treasure huntin, you'd better call me!!