Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Journey Continues-Dining Room

Continuing with what I did during my 5 month blogging hiatus, we find ourselves in the dining room.
In stark contrast, to my gray and white living room (which you can see in the background)
I added all kinds of color to my dining room. Colors that just a year or two ago I would never have put together but think they are super fun now...
Red, white and blue...and...turquoise?
 We are a super patriotic family, so in keeping with my love of personalizing my space...
I wanted to display the flag that draped my great-uncle's coffin as a WWII veteran.
Love it as a wall covering.
You might remember this piece on my front door in July.
I love it and couldn't stand to put it away until next July. 
Thought it fit perfectly in this room.
 The Lincoln Street sign I found during a rest stop on the way to Montana. 
On the corner of Middle of and Nowhere, USA.
 The table, while more devoid of color, reminds me of something you might see during George Washington's, or maybe Abe Lincoln's time.
Still my favorite piece I've created.
Another find during a rest stop while traveling this summer, was this amazing turquoise piece.
Since our car was full of kids and luggage, my mom agreed to pick it up.
It is a vintage cupboard redone with metal ceiling tiles and updated hardware. I love what she did with it. The only thing better than restoring/creating an amazing piece, is finding one already done at a great price!
So thanks Mom...
For saving the kids from being strapped to the roof because you know I was getting this home one way or another.

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Love your style! It all looks fantastic!