Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm Back...and this time it's on my terms

So, it has been a long time. Too long...
I have only posted a handful of times since my trip to Europe...
with my daughter...
which was a-m-a-z-i-n-g and the first week of April...which was like five months ago.
Now...I had stuff I could post about. Like days when I got flowers like this for no reason...
okay, or maybe it was Mother's Day.
Or how content I was to not blog about my home decor decisions that day, and spend an entire afternoon watching these two goofballs do this.
Or about the sweet, unexpected thank you card...homemade...and flowers I got from a friend.
I could have even posted about the amazing things I saw this summer, for instance, at Glacier National Park in Montana.
Or the view from the lake house in Idaho we stayed at for a week-long family reunion.
Maybe how great it was to see my usually timid 9 year old learn to do this...all by himself.
Or the perfectly magical Saturday our family spent in Port Townsend,Washington.
I would have loved to blog about the day that I found these wonderful white tulips, brought them home and just stared at them.
The afternoon I spent time in my friend's dahlia garden chatting with her while she put together this beautiful bouquet for me was one of those sweet moments in life.
I could have even shared the fun new projects I was asked to create and orders I filled all summer from my ETSY SHOP.

So...I could go on and get the point...(no, not my obsession with fresh cut flowers which I just realized I possess as I write this post) just that I did have things to say and share and do but...
I spent those months doing some soul searching. See April, {the same month I stopped blogging, you'll remember, if you are even still awake} I had my one year anniversary of joining blogland...specifically the 'design' side of 'blogland'. But I needed to ask myself why was I doing this? I was feeling pressure to post every day. Mainly because that is what 'good' bloggers do. For example:
The Lettered Cottage

The first design blog I ever stumbled on was The Lettered Cottage, which is ridiculous. It's like hitting a home run the first time you ever pick up a bat, or winning a gold medal the first time you ever jump in the pool or, well, get it. Layla and her husband Kevin are amazing at what they do  and have built an amazing site and business. And they post EVERY do so many in the design blog world. And not only do they just post every day, but they post wonderful amazing projects, brilliant original ideas, creativity just oozes from their pores and the pictures...jaw dropping...and then they create these amazing posts about them!
And it isn't just the really well known ones like The Lettered Cottage. One of my favorites is Honeycomb Creative Company.

I love Courtney's style and taste. I'm proud to say I was one of her first followers and she has quickly outpaced me in the follower count race! And one of my newest finds, and current favorite:

So that is where I set my standard. Post everyday or nearly everyday. Be incredible and brilliant. Have a new, original project, tip, idea, whatever...that will blow. your. mind...every day.
So here's the thing...
I can't.
There, I said it.
And so I walked away...
Tends to be my personality...
very all or nothing. Ask my Mom. Been that way since I was a child {drove her crazy}.
You see...these women {and a few men} have different life circumstances then I do. We all do...
Some aren't married.
Some have no children.
Some this is their only job. 
I am married.
I have four children.
This could be considered my third job, after full-time development director for a marketing company  and owner of {pineplace}.
And yes, I know there are those that have all that I do on their plate and more but for me...
I had to be realistic.
And in my soul searching I found that I truly did love keeping this little blog and posting it to Facebook and I missed it these last few months.
So, I'm back...but this time it will be on my terms.
You see, I turned 40 this week...and they say at 40 you stop caring what others think and live life the way you want...and I'm starting to believe it's true.
So I will be posting only when I feel moved to do so.
When I have something truly worthy of posting, not just because it is a new day.
When I want to share something amazing...
Or something that works for me...
Or something I think is beautiful {that is going to mean more flowers you know...}
And I hope you're okay with that.
Wait...actually, I might not care.
I might just keep this blog because it makes me happy.


Shelly said...

Love it Amber! A blog (or third job) should be something you love, not an extra chore. I look forward to your posts. . . whenever they are.

Kelsey said...

Awesome post. And I never noticed your obsession with fresh cut flowers before...weird. :)

Lacey Kogan said...

Beautifully written. Love it.

pineplace said...

Thanks ladies for your know you are some of my favorite women!