Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gray and White

 During my 5 month hiatus from blogging, I was not sitting still.
 I changed my living room from this:
To this:
 Simply fell in love with white and gray and had. to. have. it.
I wanted to share the journey with you.
Looked everywhere for a white sofa set that I loved and it came down to Pottery Barn and IKEA.  
One guess as to which one I picked...
Although, IKEA couches, not as inexpensive as you might think... sorry to say.
There are three hand-painted boards in the room. I made each of them as they all mean something significant to me. Love the word grateful, I know it makes the difference between a good day and a bad day, a happy life and a sad life...
 Probably my favorite phrase and readers of my blog already know where it comes from...
I created it from reclaimed wood from my father's property.
And finally, our family travel subway art board...all the major cities in this wonderful country of ours that we have traveled to, either as individuals, a couple or as a family.
{Yes, I did stick it to the side of the piano}
Painting the piano gray was one of my better decisions.
and added the lettering reminiscent of a vintage office window, a fun play on our family as a 'company'. When you think about a lot of ways...we are.
This piece I have had for was handmade by a friend of ours.
It use to be green. 
I am beginning to be amazed at how much I painted gray with a single quart of paint.
The above subway sign was inspired by a request from a customer, had to have one for myself.
Candlesticks and birds from Tai Pan. 
Globe from Goodwill.
Tray on clearance from Fred Meyers.
Real bird nest I found in the rafter of my parent's cabin when I was three stories up on a cherry picker helping to install the huge picture windows.
Can't see it in the picture but there is a tiny robin egg in it.
 Made the chalkboard with chalkboard vinyl and a scrap piece of wood.
Old basket, I've had for years, spray painted white.
Amazingly soft, cuddly gray blanket 
{Fred Meyers, again, can you tell I have limited decor stores to choose from?}
Table was a TJ Maxx find. 
Metal sailboat I got for $6 on clearance at Pier 1, 
regularly $30.
And drum roll please...
my favorite piece of the whole room...
Screen door picture frame!
{of course it's my favorite, it has my children on it!}
I found this little treasure on the second floor of a fruit stand/antique mall.
It was just $16 and the best part, the screen is magnetic.
I just added self-adhesive magnets to the back of the pictures and stuck them to the metal screen.
When I want to change out the pictures it will take me 5 minutes.
But really, how soon will I want to trade them out?
Look at that picture of my sweet girl on her bike...very Audrey Hepburn chic, if you ask me.
And of course, a momma loves her boys.
I love having such a prominent spot to display my most favorite people.
 Not sure if you are still on my journey, you may have decided to get off the train...
if you decide to join me again, I'm excited to show you what that piano bench looked like before I redid it.
Also coming soon...close ups of the pillows and I did not do all that without help!
And that coffee table?
Goodwill trash to my treasure.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure she designed her website too because she is awesome like that.

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Kelsey said...

Love love love the screen picture frame. Obviously you went there another time without me, cause we didn't but that last time we went to Thrope.