Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas House Tour 2012

Jennifer Rizzo is having her annual Christmas House Tour so I thought I would join. Always a good reason to get this year's decorations photographed and documented.
 I parred way back this year on decorations. Lots of decorations felt heavy this year for some reason.
 Just wanted mostly greenery with pops of red.

 Whitewashed a framed window and painted Merry Christmas on it.
 Framed vintage artwork, one of the few things I pulled out from last year.
Really, half the boxes stayed in the garage this year.
Love this piece I created for my Etsy Shop.
The kitchen always gets so little decorating love.
 There are three reasons for this. There is zero wall space, the cabinets although beautiful and new, are not really me, and this room is all about utility. This is the heartbeat of the home, where the table doubles as homework central and my work bench in the same night. I promise myself I will get around to doing more with it someday...
My Target Dollar Spot Reindeer also made the cut from last year.
LOVE the simplicity yet they sparkle too.
You can read all about my Christmas mantel HERE, but I wanted to add a picture of our silver pine cones the kids and I created last night after reading the The Legend of the Silver Pine Cones.
Our tree is different this year...we chopped it down ourselves. It is from a tree farm, but we picked a new-to-us kind, a Grand Fir. 
It's more spastic than the Douglas Firs we are used to, with branches poking out here and there.
I LOVE how fresh it is though! The branches are so soft, even after three weeks in the house.
 I hand-stitched these little stockings year ago...I still love them.
(or maybe it's just I spent so much time on them I have to love them!)
Hallway...the pops of 'red' here are a rusty red.
I thought about painting all the bells white, 
but my son started complaining everything was white.
Not sure why he thinks he gets an opinion, 
but it saved the bells from being turned white.
 It is the season of  'wonderfulness.'
Hope ornament also made the cut to find it's place among the greenery.
A gift from a friend. It is also a season of hope.
Christmas Table
These paper trees are super easy, a fun project with the kids.
Cut squares from vintage books or sheet music. 
I found Handel sheet music at a second hand book store. 
Start with 4 1/2 inch squares and work down by 1/2 inch increments.
Cut 4-6 of each size for each tree.
 I used a small hole punch before popping them on the dowels (cut to the length you prefer).
Be sure you don't use a hole punch with a wider diameter than your dowel.
Hope you enjoyed this peek around the house.



Kelsey said...

I see you got new bar stools...what are you doing with the old ones?

Jennifer Rizzo said...

thank you for sharing your lvely holiday decor!!!!