Come In and stay a while

Come In and stay a while

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Other Half

Thought I would share the other half of my son's room that I shared with you in my last post. It is probably the creation of mine that I am most proud of, bar none (to this point).
Nearly fifteen years ago my dad bought a huge CNC routing machine that actually had to be shipped by barge from Germany. It came in a huge crate that is now nicely weathered and worn. Dad kept the crate and I have recently discovered it, mostly forgotten, cut down to smaller pieces and just waiting to become all of the amazing things I am imagining I can do with it! The first was this:
Jackson's Headboard
Could not have done this without the husband's help. Have I mentioned he is a graphic designer? Comes in VERY handy, believe you me! He helped me get this image formatted so we could cut it out in vinyl and then we used the negative image of it. Once I got the headboard cleaned up and sanded down some of the rougher spots we stuck the vinyl to the wood and spray-painted over it, careful to do it lightly to keep the rustic look. Once dry, we peeled off the vinyl and...
I love it!
Would be happy to create something similar for your next project. The possibilities are endless. If you would like to talk about it just shoot me an email at . To give you a ballpark (something I always want, so figure you do too) something similar to this would cost around $30-$40 for the vinyl.


The Gillies Family said...

Really cool!

The Kogans said...

So did you take ALL of the old crate? Jealous I didn't think of it before you!!!!! :-)

CarGalMN said...

I really want a light similar to the one on the nighstand - do you remember where you purchased it?

Kim Gustafson said...

how can i order the decal on the headboard?